Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Buck

Netherland Dwarf (show quality)

Lion Head (pet quality)

Lop Ear (pet quality)


  1. Netherland Dwarf(show quality)-RM500-RM800
    Netherland Dwarf(pet quality)-RM300-RM500

    Lop ear/holland lop(show quality)-RM500-RM800
    Lop ear/holland lop(pet quality)-RM200-RM300

    Lion Head(show quality) - nie tak tau harge
    Lion Head(pet quality) - RM100-RM200

    p/s:- itu harge kedai/harge kat tempat ladang arnab tapi kalau beli kat kami yg ternak kat umah nie, harge die murah ckit..

  2. That Dwarf rabbit is only in that colour?

    Interested in a pet dwarf.